Experience The Kinetic Lounge, an all-new feature area presented by Image People Signature Experiences showcasing an entirely new approach to home entertainment environments. Shawn Barrett, an ex-Disney Imagineer and actual V.P. of special projects at Landmark Entertainment Group directed the overall design, interactive content and audio-visual experience with a team of experiential designers and Virtual Reality producers; Kinetic Art Projection content was created by Image People’s, Karina Lopez and interiors by designer Uwe Freyer. Barrett believes that home entertainment, or ‘home diversion’ is so varied, from meditation to sports and gaming that existing spatial and furniture layouts in home entertainment environments do not compliment the combined pastimes of the family unit.

Step inside and be immersed in the latest and most innovative content available for home entertainment environments including, complex systems engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and patented convergence technologies. Learn how to create such customized spaces within your own home, where you can enjoy cinema, edutainment, personal enlightenment and wellness.

We’re seeing that integrated smart home technologies are starting to control the chaos of home electronics, but Ai (Artificial Intelligence) is set to play a more suggestive role in preparing asthetically personalized theatrical environments. Many leading technology companies, especially video projection and audio companies, feel their products are still underused, especially as accessibility to content is now instantaneous. The concept acquaints premium home designers how to create a more holistic entertainment experience design, which involves both technology and signature personalized interactive content, and how pre-programmed in-home staged productions can bridge a more immersive experience with preferred out of home venues such as cinemas and concert halls.

The interactive smart home solutions and artificial intelligence technologies available in the lounge are presented by Amazon Echo and powered by the Alexa voice service, demonstrating the power and new intuitive way of using voice automated systems. And seating is now in the center of the room and faces the perimeter walls, allowing guests to enjoy a multitude of visual and auditory experiences.